November 17, 2021: launch of the study on the analysis of the budgetary space for the social protection system in Morocco.

On November 17, 2021 takes place the launching, by videoconference, of the study: “Analysis of the budgetary space intended for the social protection system for the generalization of family allowances in Morocco planned for 2023-2024”.

The general objective of the study is: Identification and analysis of the budgetary space and financing options for the national social protection system, particularly the generalization of Family Allowances (FA).

This study is sponsored by the Unicef Morocco country office and the Government of Morocco. The execution is entrusted to AMD International, for a period of 5 months.

Social protection (SP) remains one of the priority areas of government action in Morocco. The authorities and development partners are therefore paying particular attention to it and are strongly committed to meeting the major development challenges and expectations of the population.